• About us

    National Tickets core business is online booking and ticketing services. Research has shown that on average regional ports have a huge number of coaches leaving and arriving each day that would put a high travelling population of seats a year this has a potential of growing every year if service delivery and product is made available to customers and potential customers on time.

    Our mission "is to continuously pioneer technologies that enable people and business realize simplicity in travel through relevant ticketing solutions whilst ensuring outstanding returns for our stakeholders."

    Our Vision Statement "To be the leading provider of relevant and efficient ticketing solutions in the passenger transport industry."

    Our values are as follows:

    • Integrity Because we have developed our principles logically, based on reality, we will always act consistently with our principles. We maintain the highest level of personal and professional conduct, being consistent, honest, and fair in everything we do. We honor the dignity and recognize the work of each person.

    • Accountability We are effective stewards and stewardesses of our stakeholders interest. We keep our promise by living up to their expectations. We will do what we say we are going to do, within the time frame we commit to, acting with a sense of urgency.

    • Transparency We will ensure that all staff are aware of their part to play in the organization and that all information becomes available as much as possible to all members of staff to ensure total transparency at the same time maintaining an open door policy.

    • Innovativeness We will value and celebrate new ideas whilst encouraging constructive criticism to produce clarity in our new innovations whilst allowing all ideas to thrive ensuring a true balance between the old and new products to ensure better products, processes and operations all the time.

    • Corporate Responsibility We feel obligated not only to our employees, shareholders, and customers, but also to the environment and society.

    • Learning Culture We are committed to improving the knowledge of our employees and ensuring that our company continuously learns to adapt to the new and ever changing needs of the dynamic world we do business in.

    Why book on National Travels?

    • * Avail genuine best deals directly from the Bus.

    • * Multiple payment options.

    • * Round the clock availability of booking services.

    • * The support team ensures that all queries are solved as soon as possible.

    • * Large number of travel options and travel times.

    • * Easy and secure booking at the click of your mouse.

    nationaltickets.com is an awesome blend that meets both ends of continuously evolving technology as well as travel needs. Every little bit that you find on our page was created with an obsession to meet your travel needs so don't be surprised if you discover that nationaltickets.com is your favorite bus booking portal. We are eagerly looking forward to provide you with more value added services. The entire team of National Tickets hopes you enjoy your travel as much as we all do serving you!!!